I could sit here ALL day and tell you how amazing this course is... but I made it! What else would I say about it, duh! I think it is absolutely freaking magical and my MASTERPIECE!

But guess what, you don't have to take my word for it. I have included some recent testimonials from current students.

Click the image and it will take you to my instagram page where you can find HUNDREDS of testimonials. (click the highlights that say course)

Here's the real kicker, none of these people get a damn penny to say any of this! Not even a coffee gift card. NADA!

These testimonials were self submitted by people that are just genuinely happy to have found a better way to work.

They are just thrilled to be working less and making more.


"This program is amazing and seriously the best investment I have made in my reselling career."

This is a brand new client, not a consultation client. She is just a reseller that found my content online, took a chance on a total stranger, and is now on her way to business structure and growth.

"Half way through the 'What to buy and why' section and almost embarrassed I haven't been looking at data this way the entire time."

This new client is a CORPORATE accountant, so, she knows a thing or two about numbers. This has nothing to do with experience, it is about a TOTAL shift in perspective.

"This course is fire!...I've almost paid you off and it's 100% worth it, and I haven't even gotten to the sourcing yet!"

Another total internet stranger that took a chance on my course and is now on her way to bigger and better profits :)


Making enough money to survive but not thrive

Putting in crazy hours but never really seeing the results you want

Running your business on feelings and emotions

Winging your livelihood with no strategy or structure

Constantly feeling like you are missing a BIG piece of the puzzle


I have helped HUNDREDS of people that were feeling EXACTLY like you are right now.

I gave them a step by step guide, I handed them my method, my strategies, and they are now MUCH happier.

Again, I could sit here and tell you about it all day, but why don't we ask this fine lady over here in the image what she things about her investment in The GCC Business Buildout Course?

What if you:

Were able to increase your profit without increasing your hours

Focused on the parts of your business that will produce the highest payout

Ran your business based on FACTS. Your own numbers and market data

Had a set yearly plan, strong strategies and systems in place

What if you knew exactly what your business needed, and where to find that information at any time?

What if you had a business cheat sheet that told you exactly what your business needs, what to do more of, less of, what to buy, how to price etc?

This course is NOT for you if:

You only resell for fun or as a hobby

You have only been reselling for under 4 months and not sure if you are serious about it

You are already fully structured and running a successful business

You are looking for a course to teach you how to use the platforms or ship items

You are looking for an easy fix or a magical solution without dedication

You need things sugar-coated and want everything delivered in a rose colored manner

This course IS for you if:

You are reselling for profit and have been in business for at least 4 months (or are serious about starting)

You tried it your way and you have reached a point where you need help to get to the next level

You are willing to keep an open mind throughout the process

You are willing to put in the work and learn the lessons

You want to turn serious profits and are ready to run like a serious business

You are ready to face the good, the bad, and the ugly and FIX IT

Myth: I can just google all the information for free

Fact: Let's ask a paying client...

Here's a look at the course curriculum

Get ready to completely TRANSFORM your business